Richardson Cooling Packages was founded in June 2002 by David J. Richardson. He organized a group of investors from the United States and Turkey to form SRF America, LLC. The company opened its first office at 1135 Butler Avenue, New Castle, Pennsylvania. The space consisted of 915 square feet of office space with an adjoining 1,518 square feet of production space.


SRF America added an additional 2,894 square feet of production space, increasing the total space to 4,412 square feet.


In January 2004, SRF America increased its total warehouse space to 10,512 square feet.


SRF America purchased a facility at 731 Moravia Street, New Castle, Pennsylvania. The building consisted of 3,000 square feet of office space and 28,000 square feet of production space. All operations were moved to the new facility.


An addition to the facility at 731 Moravia Street was completed in March of 2006. The addition included 1,400 square feet of office space and 12,000 square feet of production space. An additional 22,000 square feet of warehouse space was leased in October of 2006.


Sheet metal fabrication equipment, including a CNC punch and a CNC brake press, was selected.


Sheet metal fabrication equipment was purchased, installed and commissioned. Radiator assembly cells were added to the Moravia Street facility. In December 2008, the shares owned by the Turkish investors in SRF America were purchased by American investors.


To reflect the company independence, the name was changed to Richardson Cooling Packages, LLC (RCP).


A CNC laser and an additional 10 foot brake press were purchased. Richardson Cooling Packages began producing enclosures. RCP placed a wind tunnel into service enabling on-site heat transfer performance testing perform.


RCP became a certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 facility. A 61,000 square foot location at New Butler Rd., New Castle, Pennsylvania was added and cooling package assembly was moved to this location. RCP was named the 2011 Manufacturer of the Year in the 50-100 Employee category for Western Pennsylvania by the Pittsburgh Business Times.


The corporate headquarters was moved to the New Butler Road location. Milling and turning machining capabilities were added.